UBER - Breaking The Law in Perth for On Demand Transport

01 February 2017

UBER Illegal in Perth

The Western Australian government bent over backwards and did everything to allow On Demand transport operators such as UBER to operate legally in Perth. The laws were changed in 2016 to allow UBER to operate legally in Perth.  Unfortunately UBER have decided they do not need to comply with WA law.

The Department of Transport has announced that there has been 236 cautions so far in the seven months since the law change with drivers not complying with the rules.

Be very careful when booking an UBER for the following reasons.

  • Some of their cars do not get the compulsory annual inspection from the Department of Transport which ensures all taxis, chauffeur cars and limousines are roadworthy. UBER think they are above the law and ignore this legal requirement.
  • UBER do not check that the drivers have an On Demand Licence which is a legal requirement to operate a car for hire or reward in Western Australia.
  • Commercial insurance is also not checked by UBER so your driver may not be fully insured.

So Cal Limos along with most operators comply fully with the law of the land. If you want to ensure that you are getting a safe and legal service make sure you check with your UBER driver that he complies fully with the Department of Transport regulations.

If you are looking for safe and good value transport options contact So Cal Limos who can provide budget, executive or limousine options for your next trip.

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