Booking a Limousine in Perth - Why choose So Cal Limos ahead of other Limo Companies

12 June 2014

Service, Standards & Value
When booking a limousine company in Perth it can be a difficult task choosing amongst the dozens of companies out there. There are a few important factors to take into account. Most limousine bookings are for special occasions like birthdays or weddings so it is important to do your research to avoid a disappointing experience. Finding the right limousine company will enhance your special occasion.

PRICE - A lot of people shop around for the cheapest price, which is fine if you want a basic service and limousine. There is a huge difference in the cars and service offered from some of Perth's limousine companies. It is like comparing the difference in price for a meal at Rockpool Restaurant to McDonalds. Some companies are so desperate for the business that they advertise "Perth's cheapest Limo Hire" and "Beat Any Price" that they struggle to make a profit. Do you think you will receive a great service and experience from these businesses? So Cal Limos offer great value for the whole package and will not offer prices that are unprofitable to get the sale.

REPUTATION - What sort of reputation has the limousine company got. Have you seen their cars out and about? Have your family or friends used them or heard about them? Check Google Maps, YELP, Easyweddings and other website reviews for feedback about the business. Does their website look professional? Have they got social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +

CUSTOMER SERVICE - How did the limousine company respond to your enquiry? Were they efficient and professional in their response. If you phoned the company were they friendly and helpful or were they pushy and pressurising you into making the booking and giving your credit card details. Were they blowing their own trumpet and telling you how they are the best at everything?

PROFESSIONALISM - Is the limousine company a member of any professional organisations like the Motor Trade Assocation of Western Australia, Perth Convention Bureau or Australian Bridal Industry Academy. Have they got a business landline number and business address or just a mobile phone? Do they offer a viewing of the cars and limousines at their showroom before booking?

By doing a little bit of research you should find a company you are happy to trust to ensure you have a great experience and receive the very best Service, Standards and Value.

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